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Take the guesswork out of trading

Cheat Code Algo

Our cutting edge trading software accurately predicts when to buy & sell stocks, options, forex and futures

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Advanced Algorithms

We have the most accurate “Buy” & “Sell” signals available on the market today period.

Simple To Use

We’ve taken complex trading concepts and made them simple to understand so you can trade with confidence.

Beyond "Buy" & "Sell" Signals

Our elaborate series of indicators reinforce each and every “Buy” & “Sell” signal you get. No more guesswork!


How Can Cheat Code ALGO Help You?

We know there’s a lot of trading software tools available. We also know what you’re probably thinking, “with so many options, how does anyone know which to choose?”

What makes Cheat Code Algo so groundbreaking is our elaborate set of indicators that all work together to give you the most accurate predictions possible based on market trends from multiple sources.

So whether you’re a day trader or a swing trader, you can have the confidence you need to make some serious moves in the market.


How Does It Work?

In the market there’s always a winner & a loser. The big guys have powerful software on their side to make sure they come out the former and now, so do you.

Get accurate entry and exit signals that you can rely on to make decisions on when and where you should open and close your positions with the highest odds of success.
CCA comes equipped with 4 take profit levels and a stop loss level on every signal given. This allows you 4 opportunities to lock in profits in an uptrend and a technically sound level to set your stop loss, without needing to think twice about it!
Take the guesswork out of figuring out whether or not an asset in a strong trend, weak trend or in consolidation. Momentum is key!
The Cheat Code Trading System comes with not one, but TWO oscillators to confirm your entry and exit signals. This serves to eliminate the possibility of false signals during ranging markets.

Cheat Code Top Features

Cheat Code ALGO uses a series of indicators to predict market trends. When 2 or more indicators show a similar pattern it’s called CONFLUENCE.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our top features:


"Buy" and "Sell" Signals

Our 2 primary signals “B” & “S” are pretty self-explanatory…they make up ¼ of what’s needed for a recommended trade.


Reversal Bands

These are represented by a red, yellow, blue and green field. These clouds will show when a trend is getting ready to switch directions.



These triangles mark short-term reversal points (a red triangle indicates a short-term pullback while a green triangle indicates a pause in a down trend).


Caution Candles

Candles let you know your trend is looking to slow down a bit, so when you hit a yellow candle you’ll know the trend is losing momentum and could potentially reverse.


CC Squeeze

Symbolized by a series of vertical bars, CC Squeeze is a separate input to confirm trends positive or negative with bright green/fading green and bright red/faded red indicators.


CC Swing

Another alternative confirmation indicator is the CC Swing. It resembles a ribbon floating up and down to indicate any changes in trend direction. When in doubt, check the Swing.


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Community Of Over 4,000+ Traders

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Cheat Code ALGO Support

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Community Of Over 4,000+ Traders

Experienced Trading Coaches

Live Trade Alerts

Cheat Code ALGO Support

Live Training Classes 5X a Week

Full FREE Chat


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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you have checked your email after purchase for step-by-step instructions that are automatically sent. (Search: “Cheat Code” in your inbox and/or spam folder) Make sure you have filled out the form under “Register Usernames” in the email received after purchase is complete. Make sure to check your Tradingview Account notifications.. After logging into your Tradingview account on a web browser (laptop or desktop), it’s the bell icon located on the right hand side of your screen. Make sure it has been a full 24hrs after filling out “Register Usernames” form before sending an email or opening a ticket in the #help-desk channels in Discord.
Cheat Code Algo is a completely separate service from the Premium Discord Channels. If you wish to unlock the Premium Discord Channels, please locate the link provided in the membership channel in the Discord Community or log into your member dashboard from the website. There’s a link that reads “Upgrade to Premium”, click that. Once purchase of Premium is complete, you’ll receive an email from Launchpass with a code.. This code will have to be sent as a message to the account in Discord labeled “Launchpass Bot”. If this sounds confusing, please send a message in the #help-desk channel in the Discord Community and an Admin will be able to assist you in doing so.
Once your purchase is complete, there’s an email that’s automatically sent from Launchpass. The email contains a code to send as a direct message to the Launchpass Bot in the Discord Community. If you are having trouble locating the Discord Bot or carrying out these steps, send a message in the #help-desk channel in Discord and an Admin will be able to walk you through the process of providing you with the resources to simplify this experience and get you the proper access needed.

If you’re planning on cancelling your subscription to Cheat Code Algo you can do so through the member dashboard by logging in through the website. If you do not have access to the member dashboard please send an email to info@cheatalgo.com with the email you signed up with and provide your Trading view username in order to prevent future charges

If you’re planning on cancelling the Premium Discord Membership, send an email to info@cheatalgo.com with the email you used to sign up.


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