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Cheat Code Services

Your one stop shop for all the tools you need to succeed in the trading game.

Cheat Code Algo

$99 per month

The Cheat Code Algo is a trend trading system complete with buy & sell signals, developed to give users the most powerful tool possible to consistently make winning trades, and beat the market.

This software is intuitive, easy to grasp, and complete with advanced tools suited to both beginner and advanced traders alike. It works on all timeframes and on all markets, including: stocks, options, forex pairs, crypto, commodities and futures.

Premium+ Membership

$199 per month

Access to Premium Discord Channels:
• Cheat Code Algo
• Premium Community Chat
Admin Trade Alerts
• Member Trade Alerts
• Accountability Study Groups
• LIVE TRADING Floor Daily (M-F)

Class Membership Includes:
• Saturday Beginners Level 1 Class with Program Admins
• Sunday Level 2 Class with Program Admins
• Access to All Pre-Recorded Calls & Course Content
• Weekly Stock Market Watchlist

Stocks & Crypto Masterclass

$997 One-Time Payment for each

Learning how to effectively trade stocks & options can be a daunting task. There’s so much information one needs to learn and an infinite amount of sources online to get it from. The whole process can be overwhelming when trying to piece it all together. We’ve simplified it down to an 8-week program that will take ANY student from absolute beginner to full trader / investor by the end of the course.

Our masterclass programs are jam-packed with easy to understand information that’s taught by a team that will walk you through the entire process.

Stock and Crypto Masterclassess available.

Cheat Code Bundle

$2,500 per year

Bundle Includes:
• Yearly Premium Membership
• Yearly Cheat Code ALGO Access
• Yearly 10K Challenge
• Masterclass Access